"I really like how clean the salon is, and everyone is friendly. The salon makes you feel like a celebrity! "

Carrie Pierson

"You and your staff are Sooo Great! I LOVE the décor, and I LOVE tanning at ROYAL!"

Elizabeth Cameron

"I LOVE tanning at Royal. The people are great and nice, and I never have to wait!"

Kendra Roy

"Love the Platinum Beds -- you can get tan in 10 minutes! Also, I love the spray tan when I want a temporary result fast!"

Melissa Farley

"Royal Tan And Spa is the best! The staff is always friendly and helpful and the rooms are always perfect and clean!!"

Kami Holguin



Tanning Services At Royal Tan And Spa!

At Royal Tan And Spa you will discover the ultimate tanning experience because we have the ultimate tanning equipment. For example...

New! High Pressure Tanning.

sun ergoline 850

Royal CLUB Membership Descrptions:

Royal Executive Club: Unlimited tanning on every level of tanning bed, including the High Pressure bed, and the deepest discounts on lotions and skin care products. A must if you want to get the best tanning results and save the most money.


Royal Executive Club Plus+: All of the services above plus unlimited Mystic Tan sessions. This is the ultimate tanning package. You will save money, and get drop dead gorgeous results from our top of the line, advanced tanning systems.

Do you want an all access pass to all tanning beds from the Platinum Level down, plus discounts on tanning lotions and skin care products?

Discover The Royal Diamond Club --
The Premiere Club Membership!

Royal Tan And Spa Club Membership and Tanning Equipment Descriptions Continued...


  • Get a natural looking, golden brown tan in less than 60 seconds

  • Lasts between 5-10 days*

  • Magnetan © technology for even color

  • Great for special occasions
    and immediate color within hours

  • As seen on ‘Friends’, FOX TV, and many other programs.


  • Ultra bronzing bed
  • 50 x 160 Watt high UVA body lamps for a deeper, darker tan
  • 4 x 500 Watt Highpressure facials filter out the burning rays
  • Side and shoulder tanners for even color
  • Advanced body cooling
  • 1-2 x per week
  • 12 minute exposure time

Royal GOLD

  • 40 Turbo performance full body lamps for maximum bronzing effect
  • 4 High Pressure Facials
  • Surround body adjustable cooling fans for comfort
  • 1-2 x per week
  • 15 minute exposure time


  • Advanced performance, high efficiency tanning in less time
  • Surround full body lamps plus 11 VHR facial tanners for optimal color
  • High power adjustable cooling fan for comfort
  • 2-4 x per week
  • 10 Minute exposure time


  • 32 Full body high output lamps, base tan builder
  • High power adjustable body fan for comfort
  • Reflector technology for max UV exposure
  • 3-5 x per week
  • 20 Minute exposure time

The Royal CLUB Bonus Advantage

Included with all RoyalCLUB membership plans...

BONUS #1: Automatically Earn Bonus Bucks when you sign up!
BONUS #2: Save up to 20% OFF lotions!
BONUS #3: Save up to 65% off Upgrades and packages!
BONUS #4: Get 5% BONUS BUCKS on lotion and skin care product purchases!

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Questions? Call any of our 2 locations...

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